Fairies:RPG The Summer Country, Part 1

January 20, 2019


The Summer Country is the place where Fairies and other Fae creatures travel to when they are near their end of days. The Summer Country is a region or rather a large continent that exists in the precise location of Australia though co-existing in a parallel plain. The summer Country bares little likness to Australia, apart from that it resides in a similar location. No one really knows how big it is, and those who come to dwell here don’t really care.   

The lands of the Summer Country thrive with wildlife, however most of the wild life would be considered as myth on earth.  The colors of all things burn with the most brilliant hues and the air seems always to be the right temperature, even high up in the nameless mountains with slopes that glisten with  varying shades of whites the likes that has not been seen on earth for millennia.

It is said that the Summer Country was there before the Earth and  will long remain after. Though these lands appear to be a place of rest and happiness, this would be a mistake, the place very dangerous indeed to those that make the journey.  The fae people of a variety of races have built magical kingdoms in these lands, fighting against the creatures who dwelled here before the Fae made their arrival. 

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