Sona's Story

April 12, 2019

Sona paused and looked at her audience; the only sounds came from the whispering rush of the waters swirling around the arena.  She nodded absently and resumed her story.

“It happened a long time ago before the arrival of the Oriens.  The world was rife with the abundance of Fairy and Sidhe kind, wonderful multi-hued dragons flew through the sky, the forests stretched from horizon to horizon.  The waters of the world were vibrant and clean, with mer-people and many other strange wondrous creatures roamed the lands. We shared these lands and things were as they had been for many summers”

“Darkness began to grow like a gathering of storm clouds in the forest of Draíocht (Dree-oct).  At the beginning that’s all we thought that it was.  We kept at our dancing and communing with nature, when the first of us began to disappear at the edge of the growing darkness.  An alarm was raised by a village of Earth Fairies who dwelled in the path of the approaching storm. Their fasted petitioned Queen Avarice that the storm wasn’t normal, that no rain or wind was carried by it, except for a baleful blue glow that swept before it.  They exclaimed that many forest creatures that had once roamed the woods had disappeared. Queen Avarice immediately assembled her Earth Knights, who flew on Osprey mounts to investigate the storm front. They were never seen again. Days after they left, a survivor of the village arrived to tell the queen that her village came under attack by nameless creatures of a formless nature, they were aglow with the baleful blue light, an eldritch magic the likes he had never seen before.  

The Queen and her retinue all shivered at the story the survivor was telling, then the Earth fairy for no apparent reason began to scream. The water fairy at court stepped up and used her magic to calm the hysterical fairy. Queen Avarice called for a council to meet and plan what should be done. She asked for Sona herself to attend for her sage advice during times of strife.

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