Air Fairy

Speed: 30

They are the fastest fliers before those of fire or water, but this might change depending on the environment or other unforeseeable events. Of course, this speed can be increased by the fairy by the addition of more sprites. Each sprite added increases the fairy’s speed by one. Fairies are all superb fliers and can make right angles or even reverse directions; this flying has helped them avoid many dangerous situations. Fairy Air is sly and sneaky, but like most fairies, pretty happy. Fairies of Air may appear as the purest white, but may be subtly shades of cyan.

Fairies of the air can hide exceptionally easy in foggy or other cloud like situations, providing they wear white of near white clothing.  Fairies of the air are considered to be the rogue element in fairy society.  However they use their skills infiltrating human or eldritch locations, and never even consider using these abilities against their own people.  Air fairies are fond of wielding daggers and knives in combat situations and rely heavily on their skills and magic.

Sample Spell: Wind Lash

The fairy can attack targets with a slashing wind that will inflict 1d4 points of harm at a range of 1’ distance per mastery level. The wind lash increases to 1d6 when she is in her chosen terrain. At the fifth level of mastery she can slash an additional target.

When using this magic, she must still make a attack on the combat chart. At the fifth level she gains +1 added to her attacks per mastery level hereafter (max +5). At the tenth level she can cause herself to be surrounded by a lashing shield wind that moves as she moves, and creatures trying to touch her will recoil as they suffer a slashing defense that inflicts the same harm as her attacks.

At fifteenth level of mastery she can extend her lash shield 1’ to grant the same defense to an ally if the ally can fit in the 1’ space, each mastery level hereafter she can increase this defense by +1’.

Sample Skill: Soar

The fairy can use this skill to overcome difficult flying situations. She can increase her flying skills by expanding sprites into this skill. This skill also grants her the ability to soar to great heights, which may be impossible for other fairies to perform. When using this skill she can fly as straight as an arrow.

This may be useful in a number of situations. She can perform one complex acrobatic maneuver per level of mastery in a 10’ run per mastery level. Every three mastery levels allow her to perform an additional maneuver in the same run.

She can use this skill to dodge attacks against her, if her speed is not high enough. See Situational Modifiers. An example of this is flying through a volley of arrows, dodging through a hail storm, or something along those lines.


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