Many generations ago the first of the fairies winked into existence, the first of them became their queen, her name Queen Avarice.  She ruled lightly, as there was nothing untoward going on in the world beside the typical squabbles between dragons, centaurs, sphinxes and the like.  All of nature was brighter, colors more vibrant, that is it was until the coming of the Visiri. 

They came like a storm, heralding with them the advent of Eldritch Magic.  These heinous, formless creatures seemed all teeth and eyes and flush with eldritch light.  They thrived within it, wielding it as absolute masters.  The Virisi rolled across the realms like a blue-white fiery storm front subjugating many before they ground to a halt from the nature magic of the fairies.  The queen marshaled her fairies to fight back, green lightning rippled like waves against the roiling clouds of blue-white fire.  They looked on in horror as they witnessed creatures they had known twisted by eldritch magic fighting against them. 

The fairies began to falter in the face of the Visiri and soon the queens subjects began to wink out.  Times were desperate, and she sent out a call for ideas among her kind.  One village leader from the village Fraelyn petitioned her idea to take in the eldritch magic for themselves and use it against their enemy, but the Queen steadfastly refused the idea, Visiri magic was henceforth forbidden.  The queen accepted her advisors suggestion to petition the Sidhe, the elves specifically for their help, before their departure to the Behind Realms (a region between worlds where many Sidhe moved to).  The Elves came and with the might of both magical natures combined they were able to drive the Visiri; not only back, but to the very edge and beyond earth. 

During this time the Queen discovered that the Fraelyn had drawn in the eldritch magic and were ultimately corrupted by it and they too were driven off, although they were not certain they went in the same direction as the Visiri.  After generations passed and humans began building empires they soon realized that the Fraelyn yet roamed the world, after this discovery the Queen placed a forbidden zone magic over the village of Fraelyn, and formed a retinue of Guardian Fairies to deal with these Fraelyn.  She put out a warning to the other Fairy queens who had risen over the centuries, who formed their own militia. 


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