Earth Fairy

Speed: 20

Though wingless, Earth fairies are very fleet of foot.

Similarly to other fairies, this speed may be increased at the player’s discretion, adding sprites to this speed one for one. Earth fairies begin with the bonus skill Grow Weapon. See Earth Skill Details. Earth fairies are considered the strongest fighters of the fairy folk. They are capable of leaping in any direction up to five feet also they possess the uncanny ability to cling to any surface like a fly on the wall. Leap distance can be taken as a mastery increasing 5’ per mastery level. Fairies of Earth are shades of black to smoky gray.  The Earth Fairies prefer to wield a weapon that the next earth fairy does not, choosing instead to prove themselves.  They like other fairies are careful about revealing themselves to humans, but act in a direct confrontation if combat is imminent.  Often larger creatures presume that they have an advantage over the fairies small size, they will soon learn what it means to face a fairy in combat.

Sample Spell: Enhance Armor

The fairy can magically enhance armor at a touch. Using only a single sprite to activate this magic, he can touch a single individual or himself and enhance his armor/speed by 1d10. Each level of mastery allows him to enhance another person’s armor. Every five levels of mastery, the defense increases by 1d10, maxing out at 10d10. After the tenth level of mastery, the fairy can enhance the armor of another fairy at a range of 10’ per mastery level thereafter. For example, at the eleventh mastery level, she can enhance a fellow fairy’s armor by 2d10 at a range of 20’, and so on. At the fifteenth level of mastery the fairy can create this enhancement for those who are not wearing such protection as armor.

Sample Skill: Grow Weapon

The Earth fairy possesses the skill and knowledge to grow his weapons from earthly fauna. Bladed weapons are forged from amber. These weapons are exceptionally sharp and can inflict an extra d4 wounds above those indicated in the fairy market. She needs 24 hours to grow a weapon 1” in size. Each mastery level reduces this time by one hour, to a minimum of 4 hours. Every five levels of mastery increase wounds by +1, to a maximum of +10. A grown weapon has a use time of d4 days +1d4 per sprite expanded into the skill during the growing time. Other weapons grown can be throwing weapons and bows. Complex multi-piece weapons can be grown but require a day per piece to grow. Assembly time will be an hour per piece. -10 minutes per mastery level, to a minimum of one hour per inch in size.


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