Fire Fairy

Speed: 25

Fire fairies are considered to be the most magical of the six prime fairies. The Fire fairy’s colorations tend towards reds, yellows, and oranges. They are often very quiet and quite aloof. They spend a good deal of time researching and contemplating ancient writings. They possess the bonus skill Comprehend Magic (see Magic Defined). Unlike the other fairies, Fire is also granted one more magic. Fire fairies suffer –1d10 penalties in water terrains; they cannot ever choose such terrains as an origin. These faries tend to wear clothing adorned with many pockets, chains, straps, pouches and other tools for garnishing herbs. Their clothing is often mismatches, but somehow always appear to please the eyes of watchers. They prefer a walking stick over a weapon, sung their magic as their weapons, while their walking sticks become reservoirs of power. Many Fire fairies travel with their summoned fire pixies as companions, who don’t seem to mind their endless prattling about magic.


Sample Spell: Fire Fox

The fairy can transform herself into a fox wreathed in an aura of fire (See Fire Fox in the Bestiary). In this form she gains all the benefits of the Fire Fox, with the bonus that she retains her identity mentally. Fire Foxes have a quick travel mode that allows them to make fast darting movements up and across the sky. During the quick travel the fire fox gains a +1d10 ferocity (translated as speed for fairies) bonus per level of mastery of the fairy. Once every thirty seconds the Fire Fox can cause a burst of fire that can burn creatures within 5’ of her for d10 wounds per mastery level five and after (max. 5d10). Normal Fire Foxes uses this ability to help extract themselves from potentially dangerous situations; the fairy, however, might use it as an attack. This magic is often used to entertain other fairies.

Sample Skill: Ignite

The fairy can ignite a fire in dry weather with ease. In a light rain it will cost her one sprite, in a downpour it will cost her 2-sprites. In light rain the fire will burn for one minute till it extinguishes, each level of mastery increases this time by five minutes. In a downpour the fire will burn for ten seconds, each level of mastery increases this time by ten seconds. Adding one or more sprites to the burn time increases this increment by another. Igniting a fire in snow fall is easier; ignition is easy, maintaining the fire costs her one sprite per ten minutes, or by five minutes in a blizzard. She gains five or ten minutes per mastery level. She must touch flammable items to ignite them. At tenth level of mastery she can create an ignition stick from 1-10” in length to use for an ignition source to gain a range.


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