How to play Fairies RPG?

"They came like a storm, heralding with them the advent of Eldritch Magic."

Fairies playing Humans RPG | Fairies RPG

What is Fairies RPG?

Fairies is a fun new roleplaying game by Spectra Games that takes place in the 21st Century. Each player chooses a Fairy and embarks on an adventure with the help of the Storyteller. The Storyteller guides the players by creating encounters, setting traps, and telling a story that all the players participate in. 


"A good game should feel like the players’ fairies are in a book come to life. This book is centered on the fairies’ point of view; they consider themselves a higher life
form than the rest of the creatures in the wider world. Fairies crave adventure and often perform quests set out by the Fairy Queen or other leader." - Fairies RPG


Who can play?

Fairies RPG is for players ages fourteen and up, although more than likely a ten year old could read and understand it. Truly anybody can play this game!

Recommended Group Size: 3-6 Players

What do you need to play?

  • The Fairies RPG Book 
  • Fairy Character Sheets (Found inside of the book and will be available online once the book is released).
  • Pencils
  • 10-sided dice for each player and a set of Polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12)
  • Game grid map or paper
  • Imagination
  • Snacks (not required but highly recommended)




The Storyteller is a crucial part of Fairies RPG. The Storyteller is responsible for creating the setting, introducing encounters, and tricking or helping the players along their journey. A game setting can be anywhere you please, from a small farm in England to Downtown Manhattan. Fairies live everywhere, you know, you just can't see them!

 "Medieval backdrops are trickier as many people of those times are fully aware of the existence of fairies, seeing them as creatures of mischief. In modern situations
humans don’t believe in fairies, which opens up a kind of invisibility for them; though if they are seen they will often be hunted, with attempts to capture or photograph proof that fairies exist." - Fairies RPG


The Storyteller will make a number of judgments based on partial rolls
using a d10 when using skills and magic. As fairies advance in mastery, bonuses or penalties are added to attacks, saves, skills, and magic in a variety of ways. In the Fairies RPG Book, inside are easy-to-read charts indicating what is a success and what is a failure. 


Combat System

There is much more to the game than combat, but it is an important part of the game, like most RPGs. There is no Armor Class system, rather the game uses wound reduction, dodging and the like.  Attacks are made by rolling 1d10 against a fairies combat chart; A one (1) is always a miss and in most cases a ten (10) is a hit.  Many creatures may require a greater than ten to hit.  There are also partial hits and partial misses.  These rolls effect the following attacks (note that the storyteller may be adding situational mods)

Rolling between 2-5 subtract from the following attack, while 6-9 adds bonuses to the next attack, these partial attacks stack. The game uses masteries over all things and building up the characters masteries will help, especially in combat. An example of this is 2nd level mastery in the sword adds +2 to the fairies attacks each time.  Again remember that the storyteller may be adding situational modifiers that might affect the outcome.   Fairies are attuned to nature and directly harming animal life is abhorrent to them, they would rather find another way, even if the animal means them harm.      


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