Shaper Fairy

Speed: 20

Fairies of this kind appear as copper, gold, pearlescent, silver, steel, or variant of these metallic shades. Shapers, like other fairies, are gender free. Shapers are sometimes known as the protectors, using skills and magic to hide their kind or other things that require protecting. Because of these fairies, humanoids think they are watching fireflies. Shaper fairies are experts at infiltration and make the best spies. Shapers move at speed 20. However, if they take on the aspect of any of the other fairies, they act at the speed of that fairy.  Shapers often work with other fairies when crafting items for their own skills and magic. Shapers have an intrinsic magic, which is not listed amongst those in the list below.  Their intrinsic magic is their many shape ability which allows them to change into any other shape, based on her mastery levels.  Humans are clueless, unless they are one of the few who actually have their own psychic senses.  New Orleans has more than a few of these.  Shapers have a greater understanding when it comes to machines, and have a greater chance of figuring them out.


Sample Spell: Illusion

The fairy can manifest any kind of moving illusion in a 5’ square per level of mastery. When the illusion manifests it appears in all respects as the real thing. It has no physical presence, but things passing through it may give it away if the watcher is paying attention.

Most creatures will go around the illusion without thinking about it, although creatures familiar with the terrain may investigate its sudden appearance. At the fifth level of mastery the fairy can add one type of motion to the illusion that causes the viewer to suffer a -1 penalty to reaction save against its nature per level of mastery to a max of -4. At the tenth level of mastery she can create an illusory natural beast, which may be used as a distraction. This can lead to a variety of penalties on the viewer. At the fifteenth level of mastery she can cap one illusion over another. Illusionary weapons may be produced. Victims cannot be harmed by them, but they can fail a save and become shocked for one second per mastery level; in any case, they will lose any attacks they might have made that round.

Sample Skill: Device Lore

The fairy gains the knowledge of how devices are constructed. This not only identifies how they function, but also any flaws that they might have. This skill will identify hidden enclosures as well as traps that could be incorporated into the design.. At each mastery level the fairy has a chance to discover where a particular device is most likely to reside. She gains a +1 per mastery level at discovering possible locations for a device. Every five levels of mastery in this skill grants the fairy a +1 chance to identify a trigger mechanism and disable or activate it safely.


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