Spirit Fairy

Speed: 25

Spirit fairies have a strong connection to the ethereal world. They appear as hazy pink in color, and their outline seems to smudge into the background. Spirit fairies are the fairies’  historians, because they can speak with those fairies that have winked out and now live in the Summer Country. The Summer Country is the world beyond--where all Fae will eventually journey. Spirit fairies always seem to be in high spirits (so to speak). They smile at nearly everything beautiful. They love the color pink and bright things.  This deep connection with the spirit world allows them to see, talk to and even help those wandering spirits who have lost their way.  As for the spirits who are loss they are filled with wonder that fairies actually do exist and listen to the fairies sage advice.  The spirit world can be an excellent source of information.   Spirit fairies will wield Ectoplasmic formed weapons in combat, that cause harm in the same way as real weapons.


Sample Spell: Spirit Shield

The fairy can summon a translucent buckler on her arm which she can use to block an incoming magical attack. The moment that the magical attack strikes her shield causes the sprite used on this magic to expand. Each mastery level thereafter, the fairy can add an additional sprite to stop incoming magic. At the fifth level of mastery she gains a medium sized round shield that will block two magical attacks for one sprite each mastery level thereafter. At the tenth level of mastery she can block one physical attack, then an additional physical attack every five levels thereafter to a maximum of five. At the fifteenth level she can give an ally the buckler, which is then powered by that fairy’s own sprites. The recipient fairy chooses when to stop the magic by ceasing the expansion of her sprites into the magic.

Sample Skill: Barter

A skill at bartering can come in very handy in places beyond the fae lands. When bartering, a d10 is rolled, with each party gaining a variety of bonuses based on who they are, their reputation, and other similar factors. However, the fairy has been trained to barter, and thus gains a +1 bonus per mastery level. Of course, having this skill allows the fairy to add their sprites to increase their chances as well. At the fifth level of mastery the fairy gains Silver Tongue, which allows the fairy to barter for essentially anything—allowing them to exchange one item
for another without payment.


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