Water Fairy

Speed: 15 air/30 water

Water Fairies are not limited to the watery environment; they only hold a closer affinity to water than any other element, this is their terrain. Fairies of water have a coloration of shades of blues. When these fairies are flying through their watery environment they are 50% invisible. Due to the healing nature of these fairies they also possess a healing factor, they can regenerate lost or used sprites at one per hour, or two per hour if they are immersed in water. Fairy waters suffer –d10 penalties in hot or fiery terrains, they cannot ever choose such terrains. One of the coolest magics they have is to create ice transports, however the transports must be constantly maintained through contact with the fairy or they will melt very quickly, unless of course the temperature is below freezing. This constant contact with the fairy however serves to enhance her power because her medium is water, creating a circular system.



Sample Spell: Icicle

This magic may be used one of three ways: as a water source, a projectile weapon, or as a spring trap. The magic summons an icicle that grows from the indicated edge up to 1” in length per mastery level, or an additional inch per sprite expanded into it per second. She can use this icicle to help her power some of her magic and help with skills, or as a water source for sustenance.

When she applies her magic activation sprite she can create one icicle every ten seconds. When she uses the icicle as a projectile weapon, an icy spike launches in the direction her finger is pointing, forming from water molecules in the air. The player must make a speed attack roll to use this against a target. A single spike can strike a target delivering 1d10 points of harm per mastery level up to a maximum of 5d10. At the fifth level of mastery the fairy can project a second icy spike with her other hand at the same or a different target in that same round.

At the tenth level of mastery she can send a volley of ice missiles in an arc that requires a 60’ ceiling, -5’ per mastery level after the tenth to a minimum 5’ arc. Arc range is 10’ per mastery level. Volleys affect a 10’ radius per mastery level after the tenth. Victims caught in a volley attack gain reaction speed/ferocity saves to dive to safety. Finally, the fairy may set ice traps; victims touching the area of the effect activate the trap, and sharp ice spikes snap out inflicting d6 wounds per spike on the trap. The trap may be 5’ square and occupy any surface save liquid. The fairy must touch the surface to activate it.

She gets one spike per level of mastery five and above, and up to five spikes can occupy a single 5’ space. Prior to the trap activating the only thing discernible is a coolness rising from the surface. Some skills and magic will reveal this trap. Animals have 1d10 chance of stopping before the trap and can go around it.

Sample Skill: Moon Pool

The fairy holds a close affinity with her territory, including pools of water. The Moon Pool is considered to be nature magic. When the fairy gazes into small still puddles in the earth, she gains a bird’s eye view over her territory. Viewing must take place during nightfall during any phase of the moon. The point of view is directly above her current position. She must select a direction to gaze; each mastery level allows her to view in an additional direction.

Every five levels of mastery grants her the ability to zoom in her directional view on her territory for a clearer viewing. The distance of the zoom is 10’ per sprite expanded. This is a handy skill for reconnaissance and if the fairy chooses not to reveal her position.


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